Refunds & Returns:

This site deals specifically with digital downloads. Unless otherwise specified, purchased digital content (eBooks, images, videos or software and the like) are not returnable after purchase. No returns will be accepted or credited or discounted, nor will any refunds or discounts be given for goods purchased and downloaded from this site for any reason. Items downloaded successfully will be considered sold, bought, received and all business and responsibility relating to that sale on the part of the seller will be concluded.

Particulars of Delivery:

Once the sale is concluded, all buyers will automatically receive links to download their purchased items. For security reasons, these download links will have a lifetime of two days from the time of purchase and a maximum of two complete downloads each – after which these links will automatically expire and no longer be valid.

In the event that a buyer has not downloaded some, any or all of their purchases within that time, these download links will automatically expire, rendering this material inaccessible.

Christina does not wish to be unreasonable however, and therefore, if your download links have expired without having downloaded your purchases, or should you otherwise experience any other difficulty in downloading your merchandise, please send her an email ( or use the Contact form) stating your problem. Please quote your name and email address as used for the original transaction, the date of sale and list of item(s) purchased, so that arrangements to send your item(s) to you via email as soon as possible may be made.