“Pearls Before Swine” by Christina Engela


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A collection of quotes of author and LGBT human rights activist Christina Engela.

“Hugs are so vital a thing that there should never be so few of them that you can count all the ones you’ve had.” – Christina Engela


“The most dangerous places on Earth are places where people have no human rights or equality.

The second most dangerous places on this planet are places where people have human rights and equality – and don’t care about their preservation.” – Christina Engela


“Many of these quotes come from my activism days, when I wrote and shared articles almost daily from my blog “Sour Grapes: The Fruit of Ignorance” to address various social injustices on local and international stages. Unfortunately, through the passage of time, I’ve grown to feel that the phrase “I told you so” followed most of my warnings many years after, and as many activists in the field of human rights probably feel – my warnings went unheeded. They were in fact, pearls cast before swine – hence the title. Nevertheless, I decided to share my fragments of wisdom and philosophy with the world. What you do with it further, is up to you.” – Christina Engela


Published: July 06, 2019

Words: 10,811

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