“Bang, Splat!” by Christina Engela


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This story is about Dr. Von Gleichstein, the famed quantum physicist seen in “The Time Saving Agency” (book 2 in the Quantum Series by Christina Engela) and his little dog, Vluffy… and some mutant cockroaches, violins and a few “ozzer sings”.

Dr. Gleichstein is a quantum physicist – and as everyone knows by now, quantum physics is a little like ordinary physics, except that you spend a little more time looking for your eyebrows!

Vluffy, the Doktor’s companion, is a little gray dog who wears a flame-proof asbestos doggy jacket, and spends a lot of time hiding under things to avoid being vaporized by the Doktor’s occasional mishaps – and in their home, even the mouse holes have blast-proof doors!

But something lurks inside the house with them… something that has grown and changed and mutated from all the latent radiation and funky quantumness that has leaked into the house… nasty, vicious, aggressive two-headed mutant cockroaches…aargh! Even the mice have packed up their mousy things and left for greener pastures… They even chase poor Vluffy down the hall – whatever would the neighborhood dogs say about that if they found out? Oh, the shame!

Even the Doktor is dismayed by this new development… after all, not even tinned food is safe anymore! The mutant cockroaches begin to terrorize the Doktor and Vluffy. Something has to be done about this, of course… and the Doktor is just the hombre to do it… and so the Doktor clears his whiteboard for action! Vluffy hopes this can be solved without resorting to violins.

Innocent Minds is a “children’s story for adults” – an endearing little illustrated tale set in the Quantum Series universe created by Christina Engela.


  • Published: March 17, 2019
  • Words: 1733 (29 pages with color illustrations)

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Trademark Blend Of Humor, Whimsy & High-Tech

With ‘Bang, Splat!’ [formerly Innocent Minds], Christina Engela puts her trademark blend of humor, whimsy and high-tech to work in a new story set in her Quantum Series universe. A winning marriage of Bizarro, Douglas Adams style silliness and a unique touch all Engela’s own.” – Alex S. Johnson, author of The Doom Hippies and publisher of Nocturnicorn Books.

Reader Comments:

Your Writing Strikes A Chord

“I have read some of your work (‘Space Sux‘, the kiddy story [‘Bang, Splat!‘] and ‘I, Mac‘.) Your writing strikes a chord and I would just like to say thanks.” – Len Turner,  reader, September 12, 2014.


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