While at high school, I always wanted to write ‘a love story with a difference’ – and that led me to writing about a cop, who was a witness in a big case against an industrial robotics giant, who would fall in love with an android assassin sent to kill him – partly because she was made to resemble his recently deceased girlfriend. What also helps this along is the detail that, in order to make her a more effective killer, she has been programmed with some of her memories.

The premise of this story is I think fairly sound, and will likely still feature in a coming title in the Galaxii Series under the title “Model 221: Assassinator” – but in the early 1990’s I dabbled once again in the ‘black art’ of sketching – and produced the following stretch of 3 pages of unfinished material, having the basic concept of “Model 221: Assassinator” in mind, but doing a different take on it.

This basically untitled piece is set in a future where machines have taken control of world society away from their Human creators, relegating Humans to the status of talking cattle, servants who exist to maintain the machines – and of a rebellion to overthrow this world order. The Assassinator was to have approached and rubbed out the main character within this context, but I think the reason why I didn’t go on with this project was because I preferred the original setting of the story – a more contemporary modern type of setting, as I will use in the final product which will slot into the Galaxii Series pretty seamlessly.

Anyway, here they are, for your enjoyment:

Future (1) Future (2) Future (3)